Our History

Gwinnet Christian Athletics Organization, Inc. was established in August 2015, with one goal and one vision in mind: to have an impact on children with a strong Christian foundation in their homes and lives through sports. In 2001, Victory Basketball was established with that mindset and vision that was given to Greg and Rosa Moore from God. Thereafter, Victory World Athletics Ministry, Inc. blossomed, and our 501(c) 3 was obtained in 2009 for future growth and ministry. Now in 2015 we have expanded to be and do much more in our community and county with our new name Gwinnett Christian Athletics Organization, Inc.

The average child only gets to church once a week for a minimum of 45 minutes if at all, along with single moms leading single parented homes. Greg and Rosa now established with Gwinnett Christian Athletics Organization to be able to mentor and minister to children through sports and also to help and mentor to those single moms.

Greg and Rosa relied on God to provide a deluge of information, funds, administration staff and spirit led coaches. 14 years later this ministry has flourished and has mentored many children to become successful adults. Now looking to the future Greg and Rosa will rely on God again to take control and step out on faith to make a major impact in the community and county.

In the first year of the program, Greg and Rosa started off with 25-35 kids of all ages and a limited amount of coaches and a great location to play. After completing their 7th season, the growth has been tremendous. Currently, our programs average 150-250 players overall in all sports with 30-45 volunteer coaches and 7 -10 volunteer support staff. We have also grown our resources and can refer our families to outside support systems that help them meet their economic, physical and spiritual needs.

Over the years, the program witnessed young people turn over their lives to Christ, marriages saved, and young people intentionally change their relationship with their parent(s). The athletes increased their confidence and self-esteem while participating in the ministry. Families are fed during the holidays, gym shoes have been donated, 4-7 athletes are baptized after receiving Jesus Christ and 50% of the non-churched participants have become regular attendees at a church of their choice.

Each and every day Greg and Rosa gives thanks to God for what He has done, and they continue to look to Him with an expectation that He will continue to increase the ministry.


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I started at Victory World Athletics Ministry two years ago. I signed up my son Richard Quinland for basketball and my daughter Kayla Burmant for cheerleading. To my surprise I thought I was signing my children up for just sports but over time I came to find family and friends.

“Katty “

God is truly amazing… truly!! Allowing my children and me to share in this ministry has been an amazing journey, one I look forward to continuing. I almost walked right pass my blessing.


Being part of the Victory World Church athletics ministry has been so much more than sports for our family. Through basketball and cheer, my girls have grown spiritually, made new friends, and pushed themselves to become stronger and healthier.

“Lisa “

It’s been 8 years since the beginning and we’ve seen some leave and new people come aboard, but it’s always the same…..people who come into Victory World Athletics Ministry are on fire for God. We still have the closeness; the family atmosphere. I believe my children, as well as, myself are better people because of this ministry. Kudos to Coach Greg for the vision and to Rosa, his wife, for letting him run with it. You two are amazing!

“Paulette “

“I was not only taught the fundamentals of basketball but the fundamentals of Christianity. My coaches taught me how to do a lay-up as well as lay my burdens down for God to carry.”

“Dr. Sade “

“I am so blessed to have been a part of this ministry and the lives of the directors”

“Adeola “