God is truly amazing… truly!! Allowing my children and me to share in this ministry has been an amazing journey, one I look forward to continuing. I almost walked right pass my blessing.

Many times I have passed the Athletics’ Ministry information tent outside the church because it was not within my budget, I was so wrong. Sometimes you just have to open your mouth and tell someone your situation and I did just that, after trying to avoid Coach Claude. I am so happy he encouraged me to come out in spite of my financial woes.

My children have always desired to play some type of sport; as a single parent I could not afford to allow all of them to play and it would not have been fair to allow just one. Although, my son was going through some things, I had to sit the girls down and explain he needed this most, thank God they understood.

I believe God had already began speaking to the coaches on my behalf before I even showed up; bonds were established immediately and they had already figured out a way to help me raise the funds for not only one to play, but all. Sometimes when people tell you they will help, you know their heart is in the right place, although they never come through. You get use to disappointment, so to avoid it, if I could not do it on my own; I was not going to burden someone else. I will always trust in God, though this ministry He has shown me, it is okay to trust in His people too.

Scripture tells us [But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you]. (Matthew 6:33 KJV) This is my life; this is how I choose to raise my children, bringing them up in the Word with positive influences in their presence. With this said, they do not have many friends because I have to guard them from the world. Though, when they became part of the ministry they not only established friendships, they established sister and brotherhoods. Their team members are their family, they have learned to lookout for one another on and off the court. My children have gained so much by being a part of this ministry and what they have gained; only God could have established.

I thank God for this ministry, not only has it blessed my children; it has been a continuous blessing to me. Mere words cannot describe the growth that I have seen in my children individually and as a whole family. They share their group lessons amongst each other and with all their might; attempt to live according to what they have learned. Their prayer life has increased; and as shy as Josh (my youngest son) was when he first joined the league, he is a totally different person now.

It is funny how God works, you can never out think God or understand the way He answers a prayer. Weeks prior to my attempt to avoid Coach Claude by the tent, I had been praying asking God to please help me find a positive mentor for Joshua. God blessed me with more than I asked for, He sent a mentor for each of my children, as well as myself. The coaches of Victory Athletics’ Ministry are so amazing, they exemplify the love of God towards these children and they are truly making a difference in their lives. I would have to beg my children’s father to talk to them about the things they were doing or not listening; not anymore. They know their coaches will pull them to the side and get to the core of the problem. Thank you Victory Athletics’ Ministry for having such an impact in my children lives.


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I started at Victory World Athletics Ministry two years ago. I signed up my son Richard Quinland for basketball and my daughter Kayla Burmant for cheerleading. To my surprise I thought I was signing my children up for just sports but over time I came to find family and friends.

“Katty “

God is truly amazing… truly!! Allowing my children and me to share in this ministry has been an amazing journey, one I look forward to continuing. I almost walked right pass my blessing.


Being part of the Victory World Church athletics ministry has been so much more than sports for our family. Through basketball and cheer, my girls have grown spiritually, made new friends, and pushed themselves to become stronger and healthier.

“Lisa “

It’s been 8 years since the beginning and we’ve seen some leave and new people come aboard, but it’s always the same…..people who come into Victory World Athletics Ministry are on fire for God. We still have the closeness; the family atmosphere. I believe my children, as well as, myself are better people because of this ministry. Kudos to Coach Greg for the vision and to Rosa, his wife, for letting him run with it. You two are amazing!

“Paulette “

“I was not only taught the fundamentals of basketball but the fundamentals of Christianity. My coaches taught me how to do a lay-up as well as lay my burdens down for God to carry.”

“Dr. Sade “

“I am so blessed to have been a part of this ministry and the lives of the directors”

“Adeola “